A Controversial Post … I Guess?

If you aren’t living under a rock, and I assume you’re not since you’re reading this, you know that on June 24, 2022, the Supreme Court overturned the infamous Roe v Wade ruling from 1973, meaning abortion is no longer deemed an American “right” federally protected by the Constitution. The states now get to decide.

I really, really don’t like to get political online. I like to stay neutral when I can and use social media for connecting with readers, writers, and fellow moms and Jesus-followers. That doesn’t mean I don’t have strong political opinions – ask my close friends and family and you’ll be assured that I do. Sometimes I wade into the choppy online political waters, but I’ve learned that the interwebs aren’t the most productive places to spout opinions and convictions. 😉 However, to be honest, sometimes I don’t want to keep my mouth shut. Especially when it’s an issue of morality.

There is plenty of wiggle room for differences of opinions on many topics in the news these days. But I stand with my pastor, David Wigington, when he recently wrote these words…

“Yesterday’s Supreme Court decision on Roe v. Wade is a victory for unborn children and a victory for life. This ends federal protection for a practice that I believe grieves the heart of God and should grieve the heart of every follower of Jesus. Over 60 million babies have been aborted in my lifetime. Every one of those 60 million babies were known and loved by God. But yesterday’s ruling marks the beginning of the church’s work and not the end. The world needs to see us ACTING with compassion toward the unborn and the born and toward their mothers and fathers… saving these children is about MORE than just ending abortion. I’m also aware I have friends who have lived through horrible nightmares of their own and feel very differently than I do about this issue. Just know that I love you and I see you and I want to hear your story.”

Last night I saw someone being interviewed on the news saying pro-lifers don’t care about what happens to the baby once it’s born. The fact that this is widely believed disgusts me, so let me say loud and clear: YES, we need to protect ALL life, not only the unborn. YES, we need to provide assistance and counseling to pregnant women and do what we can to support them throughout pregnancy, childbirth, and beyond. YES, we need to make sure the child is loved and cared for after birth. YES, we have work to do in many different areas, and YES, there is healing and compassion for those on the other side of abortion. But in formulating our convictions, we have to start with life. None of it matters if life isn’t given a chance.

On June 24th, while I was celebrating a win for human life along with many others, some Christians were angered by the ruling. Pro-choicers chant “My body, my choice!” while pro-lifers respond, “But it’s not your body; it’s a baby’s body, with its own DNA and everything!” So where is the massive disconnect between sides? (And massive, it is!!) The truth is, there is an inherent difference to how we view the very definition of life. Pro-lifers don’t believe the issue has anything to do with women’s health; it’s a matter of a child’s inherent right to live. Pro-choicers don’t believe a fetus is a baby up to a certain point (and that point changes dramatically depending on who you’re talking to), and therefore they make it an issue of women’s healthcare.

According to a 2018 article from SSRN , 45% of Americans believe that the statement human life begins at conception is a philosophical or religious belief, while 95% of biologists believe it’s a fact that human life begins at conception.

Chew on that one for a minute. Keep chewing. Now, leaving God out of it for the sake of conversation with not-yet-Christians, who should we trust to define life? Biologists – whose job it is to study life? Or the American public with all their whims and opinions? I’ll leave that rhetorical.

People on both sides of the issue are extremely fired up right now, and I’m watching long-standing relationships crumble around me before my very eyes between people who can’t see beyond opinions to the person holding them. Whatever side you’re on, if you’re holding tightly to opinions but aren’t able to lay emotions aside and discuss your views using facts while also seeing clearly that the person you’re disagreeing with is a human being made in God’s image , you might want to rethink some things.

I could talk about this all day, but here’s my final thought. If we don’t show love to those we disagree with, the divide will only deepen. America’s temper is rising rapidly and it needs us all to take a deep breath before we speak. Find common ground as a starting point. Don’t shut people down. Remember that most pro-choicers have complex fears and reasons for believing so. While I will never agree with them, I can listen and love them and try to understand, all while praying they come to see life at every age and stage as the miracle it is – a gift worthy of protection from the instant God created it.

Let me leave you with a few verses that spoke to me this morning. I pray they soak into your heart as well.

“Be at peace among yourselves. And we urge you, beloved, to admonish the idlers, encourage the faint hearted, help the weak, be patient with all of them. See than none of you repays evil for evil, but always seek to do good to one another and to all. Rejoice always, pray without ceasing, give thanks in all circumstances, for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus for you. Do not quench the Spirit. May the God of peace himself sanctify you entirely; and may your spirit and soul and body be kept sound and blameless at the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ. The one who calls you is faithful, and he will do this.”  — 1 Thessalonians 5:13b-19, 23-24

13 thoughts on “A Controversial Post … I Guess?

  1. You are so right when you say that none of it matters if life isn’t given a chance! I appreciate you weaving your way through the landmine of this topic to share your thoughts on this Jessie. Well done!!

    I would add to this that those of us who are leaders in our churches and communities need to show respect for these same lives we claim to care so much about from an early age by expecting more of them and teaching/mentoring them along the way. We have to teach (show) them how to act, how not to be so self-absorbed, and how to respect those around them so that they will learn how to function in this world. We also need to stand up for those kids who are behaving respectfully toward others rather than letting them be run over by kids who are are not – this is a big deal and dear to my heart. Too many times our kids are expected to ignore bad behavior and are never relieved of this by the adults in charge. (In some cases this same dynamic happens in adult gatherings as well.)

    Teaching and showing respect for life/other people needs to continue throughout our lives regardless of our own discomfort or it will be tainted and taken less seriously than we’d hoped. However, that can’t happen, as you say, unless life is given a chance in the first place!

    Thanks again for the post!

    1. Totally agree, Beach! We are definitely doing our kids a disservice by not expecting enough of them and letting poor behavior and choices become normalized. Christians have a big, important job in showing leadership in those ways and helping them reach for higher standards!

  2. Wonderful post! Good for you being bold enough to speak the truth. It’s ridiculous to have to try to convince certain people that we don’t think being pro-life means exclusively stopping abortions. Having worked at a pregnancy center for many years, most of the clients that walk through the doors don’t have abortion on their minds – they’re wondering how to take care of their kids with no support. The exhausted and lost mother matters just as much as the baby – so we have clothes and toiletries and little ‘encouragement bags’ ready for her, too. You can see her demeanor shift when she puts on a new outfit and looks in the mirror after not having any new clothes for years, or maybe having to wear the same outfit every day. She felt invisible before and just wanted supplies for her kids. When we reach out to her to be sure she knows that her life matters and she has value, things can start to change. It’s absurd for anyone to claim that a pro-lifer would have no interest in the lives they’re saving – but that’s one of the many lies they’ve chosen to cling to, for sure. Hopefully at least one person will someday consider the possibility that we’re sincerely helping people.

    1. A million times yes, EJ!!! And thank you for the life-changing work you’re doing on the front lines in all of this. Big change happens one person at a time.

  3. I think u should have a say if u want an abortion or not cause n some cases I agree on it and there is some I don’t agree on it

    1. Thanks for sharing your thoughts, Tina! I agree that some cases are extremely difficult; even if they account for the vast minority of abortions, they’re very real and heartbreaking. But since I believe a fetus is a living human, I still have to believe that taking that life is the wrong choice. To me, taking the life of a fetus is no different than taking the life of an infant. Again, I appreciate you speaking up and being willing to respectfully disagree! 🙂

  4. I think you did a wonderful job with a hot topic. Can we say extremely hot topic? One lady recently proclaimed that it is just a cell. Not a human life. But I am a believer and I believe this… For you created my innermost being; you knit me together in my mother’s womb.
    But regardless of the division in our nation I will hold to-We can disagree without being disagreeable.
    Those that don’t believe will not be drawn by our religious behavior but by our love, our kindness, our emphathy.

    1. Thank you, Billy! I totally agree. Disagreeing without being disagreeable is what will set Christians apart through all of this.

  5. Hi Jessie. At the risk of being controversial…I agree 100%! And not just about life beginning at conception, but also about managing the emotional side of this “debate.” It’s similar for racial equity, COVID masking, life styles, and a host of other issues. Your statement applies: “Whatever side you’re on, if you’re holding tightly to opinions but aren’t able to lay emotions aside and discuss your views using facts while also seeing clearly that the person you’re disagreeing with is a human being made in God’s image, you might want to rethink some things.” The Thessalonians navigated debates and opposition, too, so your verses at the end are so appropriate and should be both an encouragement and exhortation for us. Sorry to hear that relationships are suffering in your circles. May God bless those involved with grace and compassion.

    1. Thank you, Stephen! You’re absolutely right – managing the emotional side of debate is crucial, no matter the issue. Not easy, but crucial! Thanks for your encouragement.

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